Jarret & Danielle – IronBark Hill Hunter Valley

I always tell my couples that what ever what the weather their day will be amazing, you will be marrying the the love of your life and you will have rockin wedding photos no matter what. Saturday started off very stormy, it was raining all morning in the Hunter with the sound of rumbling thunder surrounding us. Jarret and his groomsmen were all ready for us when we arrived at Cypress Lakes to photograph them. I could tell Jarret was a little on edge with the weather but assured him that everything was going to be ok. Not only was it ok, but by early afternoon the sun was shining and the birds were singing.  When we arrived at the girls they were full of smiles and laughter. Danielle was glowing in her Kel-Leigh Couture gown, and just like their e-shoot little Emily stole the show. IronBark Hill Winery was the ceremony location inside the cute little chapel on the grounds. Jarret & Danielle released two white balloons with their names engraved on two beautiful golden lockets. We didn’t venture far down the road for photos, being in the Hunter you really are spoilt for choice. After photos it was back to IronBark Hill for the reception. The crowd was in hysterics when the Sunrise Cash Cow made an appearance. It was the closet thing to a real heard of cows, a South African tradition called a Lobola, where the groom gifts the father of the bride a dowry of cows. During the night shots we included the bridal party this time for something a little different, and I’m loving the result. Our evening ended with the bride and groom grooving it out to MC Hammer Can’t Touch This. Thank you for a super cool day Jarret and Danielle and letting us share in this amazing experience with you.

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