Mary & Mindarah Park Ramadan – A girl and her warmblood stallion

  I first ventured into photography by my love of horses. Over the years the horse work disappeared and weddings became my full time job. Having owned horses for most of my life I understand that special bond that connects a human and a horse.  A love that you can only understand if you have had that special horse of your own. It is that bond that I miss in my life and something I look forward to again when the time is right. In the meantime I’ve been putting my feelers out to find the perfect horse and rider combination to photograph and capture that special bond. Then along came Mary and Rami, a team that are taking the dressage world by storm and a love that grows between them with every experience they share together. To start the day off Mary put Rami through his paces showing me his beautiful work that they continually practice and refine. It was then time to transform Mary into a princess for a love shoot with her best friend. This was my favourite part of the day and as the sun dropped everything came together to create the magic you will see below. These images truly warm my heart and I hope they warm yours too.
I’m on the look out for more amazing horse and rider combinations so if you are interested or know someone please get in touch.


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  • Lisa Foster - Absolutely stunning photos Bella!!!! You captured the bond beautifully!!!!! xFebruary 13, 2014 – 8:43 pm

  • Kaitlyn - Mary used to attend my school and catch my bus! I had no idea that she was such a good rider. I never even spoke to her but i wish i had! Im a showjumper but seeing he ride makes me want to change to dressage. These are absolutely beautiful photos!!!!November 1, 2014 – 3:51 pm