cinematic  wedding films

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cinematic wedding films

Wedding films that are as bright and colourful as your big day

Videography captures all of the little moments.

It’s the sweet kisses, the hugs between guests, the killer dance moves and the big finale.

Your wedding film will transport you back to your magical day.  It will showcase the little details and allows you to immerse yourself in those big moments, feeling it as if you were still there.

"Bella is incredible! She did the video from our wedding and it was absolute perfection! She captured every special moment and you didn't even notice she was recording.
 Highly recommend!"

Sally & Shelly




VIDEO investment

Shorter coverage options and elopement pricing is also available 

Every collection includes two awesome cinematographers using top-notch cameras and audio gear to capture everything. With multiple cameras, we'll make sure to get your best angles every time.
 Once ready, your films will be available online for easy viewing, downloading and sharing!

Enquire about full pricing details here 

Why should we get a wedding video? 

Capture the Moment: A wedding video allows you to relive the special moments of your wedding day, such as the vows, speeches, and first dance, in a way that photos alone cannot.

Emotional Impact: Videos can convey emotions more vividly than photos, capturing the tears, laughter, and joy of the day.

Share with Loved Ones: You can easily share the video with friends and family who couldn't attend the wedding, allowing them to experience the celebration virtually.

Audio Preservation: In addition to visuals, videos preserve audio, including heartfelt vows, meaningful speeches, and background music that adds to the ambiance.

Guest Interactions: Videos can capture candid moments between guests, interactions with the couple, and reactions to key events, adding depth to your memories.

See What You Missed: On a busy wedding day, you may miss certain details or events. A video allows you to see everything that happened, including moments you may have overlooked.

Future Generations: Your wedding video can be a cherished heirloom for future generations, allowing them to see and hear their family history firsthand.

No Regrets: Having a wedding video means you won't regret not capturing certain moments later on. It's a way to preserve memories that you can revisit anytime you want.

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