Soldiers Beach Wedding

Soldiers Beach Wedding

I had the pleasure of meeting Bec and Jackson for the first time when I photographed her sister’s wedding last year. When they contacted me to inquire about my availability to capture their own special day, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. The warmth and welcoming nature of Bec and her family left a lasting impression, making it an incredible honour to be invited back to capture another sibling’s wedding.

Bec and Jackson’s love story began in the digital realm of Tinder. Their first date was a surfing adventure at Avoca Beach. These two avid outdoor enthusiasts immediately connected, setting the stage for their wonderful journey together. Jackson probably got quite the unexpected surprise when he fell in love with Bec. Not only did he find love with her, but he also discovered a special bond with Milly the duck, all thanks to Bec’s immense passion for animals.

“I never thought I would love a duck as much as I love Milly” Jackson’s opening line to Bec in his speech, which sent the crowd wild! lol

Jackson’s proposal at the top of the harbor bridge was a fitting choice, perfectly aligning with their adventurous spirits.

Bec & Jackson’s magical ceremony unfolded on the edge of a picturesque cliff at the breathtaking Crackneck Lookout. The view was nothing short of spectacular, with the endless expanse of the coastline stretching out before them. After the most beautiful light and sunset photos the celebrations continued at Dunes inside Soldiers Beach Surf Club. The transition from the cliffside beauty to the laid-back, beachside charm of the surf club was seamless. Bec and Jackson truly dazzled on the dance floor with their incredible performance, featuring numerous lifts and even a spectacular flip! What a perfect night celebrating not just their love for each other but also their love for life and adventure.

A big shoutout to Bec and Jackson for having me back to capture their special day. It was an absolute blast and a privilege to be part of their celebration.

I must also give a huge thanks to Jodie from Jodie Reardon Photography who captured all the stills for me while I was on film. Thanks Jodie you rock!

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